The Association unites professionals working inthe field ofart, artists, couturiers and designers creating contemporary works ofart and maintaining the rich artistic traditions ofthe past. However, the Association isopen for everyone who isfond ofart.

Weare focused oncreating contemporary art, which develops new pictorial means onthe basis ofadvanced technologies while maintaining aliaison with works created byold masters. Westrive for unveiling timeless and international aesthetic values inour works.

Timeless Art isaconcept that emerged onthe basis ofstudies aimed atstudying old artistic and aesthetic traditions inthe contemporary art. Asarule, contemporary works ofart are related tothe present day. Asaresult, such art can beconsidered ascontemporary asoftoday only and will lose its timely character tomorrow, which means itisnot contemporary but temporary. However, some ofthe contemporary orpresent-day works ofart feature something that makes them last intime and links them with other epochs. Atthe same time, works created bysome old masters remain actual today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow inspite ofcenturies because they involve timeless human values. Some ofthe artistic and aesthetic traditions ofthe past inspire modern artists. Thus, they donot only stay alive through years but are also viewed through the prism oftime, and new parallels and contrasts are found inthem.

The Association prepares exhibition and cultural projects, festivals, conferences, seminars and master classes related toart bytheir subject matter and based onthe harmony between traditions and innovation. Weprovide assistance toartists inimplementing their creative concepts and commercializing their projects. Weare amediator between the artist, collector and general public. Wewould like todraw public attention tothe cultural heritage ofthe past bymeans ofour actions inthe field ofcontemporary art. Our goal istounveil the meaning and sources ofcontemporary artistic works.

The following major constituents always form the basis ofevery published project:

* research studies and general public
* plastic art and video art
* text and documentaries

Our Association isacharity and non-profit organization.
Weexist due toyour contributions and donations.
Our goal istoset art free from any temporary orgeographic limits inorder tosupport international and timeless creativity.

About projects. When studying the phenomena ofthe timeless character ofpictorial means used byold masters, wehave always wanted tomake the results ofthese studies available togeneral public. Our desire was embodied inthe works created bysome active members ofour Association inthe form ofsuch contemporary works ofart as.

2007-2009L’Art Intemporel